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Learn About Acne

If you struggle with acne breakouts and store-bought acne products aren’t helping, Dermatology and Aesthetics Center of Utah can help. At offices in Centerville and West Jordan, Utah, Amy Curtis, MD, FAAD, Leena Brown, MPT, PA-C, and the team design individualized care plans to address the severity of your acne. They provide prescription medications, skin care advice, and in-office treatments for acne scars to keep your skin healthy and clear. To schedule an acne consultation, request an appointment online or call the office nearest you.

What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition that develops when dead skin cells and excess oil clogs your pores. If clogging occurs in a closed pore, its wall bulges out and causes a whitehead. If the pore is open, exposing the oil to the air, you develop a blackhead.

Pimples are cyst-like bumps that occur when bacteria enter clogged pores and cause inflammation and infection.

You can develop acne anywhere on your skin, especially in the areas where you have the most oil glands, such as your face, chest, shoulders, and upper back.

What causes acne?

While acne is common in adolescence, it also develops in adults. Teens might experience acne because of hormone changes during puberty that causes an increase in oil production in the skin. Hormone changes can cause acne in pregnant women.

You might also be prone to acne if you eat a high-carb diet or take steroids or other medications. Stress doesn’t cause acne but can contribute to the severity of existing acne breakouts.

If you have a family history of acne, you might be more likely to develop the skin condition, too.

How is acne treated?

Several over-the-counter medications can treat acne and prevent recurrent acne breakouts. However, if they aren’t working for you, the team at Dermatology and Aesthetics Center of Utah can give you stronger prescription medications.

Topical medications help to slow down oil production and can also treat bacterial infections in your pores. If you have moderate to severe acne, you might need a course of oral antibiotics.

Other acne treatments include:

Chemical peels

Chemical peels use a chemical agent to remove the surface layers of your skin to eliminate blemishes and improve your overall complexion and skin tone.

Skin cleansers and serums 

The team at Dermatology and Aesthetics Center of Utah may recommend cleansing and hydrating products like serums that help nourish your skin and prevent acne scarring. They offer several high-quality skin products in-office, including sunscreens, moisturizers, and cleansers from brands like eltaMD®, SkinMedica®, and Glytone®.

You can also prevent more serious infections and acne scars by not scratching or squeezing pimples.

If you already have acne scars or your skin has discoloration because of recurrent acne breakouts, the dermatology team offers customized treatments to improve the appearance and health of your skin.

If you have acne that’s difficult to treat, schedule a diagnostic evaluation online or by calling the Dermatology and Aesthetics Center of Utah office nearest you today.